The difference between standard and custom themes

Vera Yang
Vera Yang

You can use the standard theme that comes with Guide for your Help Center or you can customize the standard theme or create your own theme.

  • The standard theme is the Copenhagen theme that comes with Guide. It’s a theme designed for best practices and mobile responsiveness. You can update the Copenhagen theme using branding and advanced settings in the Settings panel but you cannot edit the code to customize the theme. Otherwise, it will no longer be considered a standard theme.

    When you use the standard Copenhagen theme for your Help Center, it is supported by Zendesk and automatically updated when new theme features are released.

  • Custom themes (Guide Professional and Enterprise) are themes that you have modified (by editing the page templates, CSS, or JavaScript) or developed from scratch. Zenplates themes are examples of custom themes.

    Custom themes are not supported by Zendesk and are not automatically updated when new theme features are released. You will continue to receive Guide features that are not theme-dependant, but you will not receive updates to your theme, as any update would overwrite your customizations.

    Zenplates themes are regularly updated to support new features and a single purchase of our theming package gives you lifetime access to these updates as well as new themes and plugins.

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